Bending & FormingHaco Plate Rolling 3 HBR Series

Three rolls hydraulic bending machine. These machines have 3 powered rolls to guarantee proper dragging during the bending procedure.

The two side rolls feature a groove on their surface which is able to indicate the right position of the plate & for correct squaring. The use of planetary gearboxes & hydraulic motors results in almost maintenance free equipment & the power goes directly to the rolls without losing power.

Our plate roller delivers impressive performances time after time, & we can’t operate without it.


SAS Design & Engineering ServicesDesign & Engineering Services

Many customers come to us with a vision or an idea requiring extra help with the design. Whether it is a small or large project our inputs are always welcome & the fact that our inputs are most of the time aligned with our way to fabricate, the customer will end up with a more competitive product. We work with CAD and fortunate to have an innovating team capable of dealing with challenges as they emerge.
If you only have a need for a one-off item we can still help, call us today to see what Specialty Alloys can do for you.


Laser Cutting Services

Trumpf 3030 Laser CutterLaser cutting services offer custom metal laser cutting of parts with our state of the art Trumpf L253, CAC Laser cutter.

We are capable of design, single cut parts, multiple runs & totally custom work. Materials we laser cut are cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys & others.

With our experience, we can turn sheet metal into the parts you need in a timely & very cost effective manner.

Advantages of laser cutting over mechanical cutting include easier work holding & reduced contamination of workpiece (since there is no cutting edge which can become contaminated by the material or contaminate the material)
Better precision since the laser beam does not wear during the process. Reduced chance of warping material being cut as laser systems have a small heat affected zone.

Laser cutting for metals has the advantages over plasma cutting of being more precise & using less energy when cutting sheet metal. However, most industrial lasers cannot cut through the greater metal thickness that plasma can.

The main disadvantage of laser cutting is the high power consumption. Industrial laser efficiency may range from 5 to 15%
Learn more about what the laser is capable of & how its technology can help you with your processing task.
Precision is the Specialty.

The business of laser cutting is, of course, expanding but at a lower rate than 15 to 20 years ago. There are still many exciting opportunities & one has to think outside the box, our imagination is the limit.


Fabrication & WeldingFabrication & Welding

Specialty Alloys and Stainless Ltd. specializes in metal processing & custom fabrication which delivers a wide range of products and service solutions which exceed industry standards through its network of companies.

The facility located in Lively is an ISO Registered company that is equipped with state of the art CNC equipment, along with highly skilled individuals able to provide the highest quality of service in all facets of metal fabrication.

Our fabrication capabilities can turn your company’s blueprints into a finished product.

Our services include but are not limited to; Engineering & Design, Cutting & Shearing, Punching & Drilling, Bending & Forming, Polishing, Assembling, Fabrication & Welding, Volume Production, Prototype Fabrication, Valves, Stainless Steel Fasteners & Fittings, Laser Cutting Services, Water Jet Cutting Services.

Qualified Welding Procedures registered

SA 368624.5
SA 240904L 3/89195.5
SA 240304L 3/88259.5
SB 575C2768248.5
SB 3106061 T68493.5
SB 337GR 2 Ti8492.5
SA 53 B0.125”8240.5
SA 240304L8239.5
SB 464Alloy 208249.5
SB 165Monel SS9014.5
SB 164Monel9013.5
SA 53-GR BSteel8298.5


Most of our welding is done using TIG or MIG to keep consistent with saving our customers money and saving production time. We only use the best, cutting-edge technology for all of our production methods, and welding is no exception. We can weld parts in the following metals:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium



304/304 L Stainless Steel
316/316 L Stainless Steel
317 L
253 MA
254 SMO
Alloy 20
904 L
Hastelloy C-276
Inconel 625
Inconel 601
Inconel 800
Duplex 2205
SA 36 / 44W Carbon Steel
Aluminum 5083, 6061 T6, 3003, 5052



Cutting & ShearingShear

Strictly speaking, if the cutting blades are straight the process is called shearing. The most commonly sheared materials are in the form of sheet metals or plates. The process of straight shearing is done on sheet metal, coils & plates.

The machine use is called a squaring shear, power shear, or guillotine. The sheering machine is hydraulically powered, it works by first clamping the material with a ram. A moving blade then comes down across a fixed blade to shear the material.

For larger shears the moving blade may be set on an angle (this angle is referred to as the shear angle) in order to shear the material progressively from one side to the other, this decreases the amount of force required but increases the stroke. A 5° shear angle decreases the force by about 20%.